Rophosate 360SL

Available -

500ml,1 Ltr, 5 Ltrs, 20 Ltrs

ROPHOSATE 360SL is a systemic non-selective herbicide which is absorbed by plants through the stems and foliage. Weed growth stops within 24 hours of application with visual symptoms usually occurring after 10-14 days. Kill is usually completed after 3 weeks. ROPHOSATE 360SL has no residual activity, therefore, there are no crop rotation restrictions after ROPHOSATE 360SL use.

For the optimum level of weed control, ROPHOSATE 360SL is applied when:

  • Weeds are fully emerged and actively growing but not flowering (approx.. 15-30cm high)
  • The soil is moist (i.e avoid conditions of drought, stress or waterlogging)
  • There will be a period of 4-6 hours without rain after application

ROPHOSATE 360SL should be applied before emergence of Baby corn, a day after planting, but when there are sufficient actively growing weeds to absorb the product. Apply using a water volume of 200 litres per hectare.


GROUND: aim at 50-300 litres/ha using correct nozzles and spray equipment. Use low pressure to reduce drift.

LOW VOLUME, LOW RATE: for the control of young annual grass and broadleaf weeds in plantation crops, use spray volumes of 80-100 litres/ha and 0.5-1.0 litres/ha ROPHOSATE 360SL.

AERIAL: Ensure wind speed is below 10kph and use volumes between 30-50 litres/ha. Spray at 20m above and ensure swath is correct for full coverage of weeds.

Dosage and administration

In order to avoid contamination of non-target crops or plants, do not spray in windy conditions. Shake the container before opening and adding the product to the spray tank.





Baby Corn, Tea, Coffee & Cereals

Annual  / Perennial Weeds

2.0 – 2.5

200 -300


ROPHOSATE 360SL can be absorbed through the green wood or foliage of crop plants; therefore care is needed when using in vines of young plantation crops.

Use of a spray shield is recommended under these conditions.