Available -

1 Ltr, 500ml and 100ml

Kupacide is a potent, rapid and long acting disinfectant for general use in disinfections of premises and equipment to provide control of major pathogens. It is a rapid, long lasting and powerful broad spectrum disinfectant with a formulation that gives a highly effective yet safe biocidal disinfectant with cleaning properties.

Kupacide is effective in killing bacteria, mycoplasmas, fungi, coccidian and inactivating viruses. It acts in less than five minutes of contact time.

Kupacide is non-corrosive and can therefore be used on all kinds of surfaces and equipment.

Kupacide has a residual activity that lasts for between 7-14 days and remains active even in heavily soiled areas.

Kupacide is biodegradable and non-toxic and safe to use even in the presence of animals e.g. while doing aerial fogging for chicken houses or pens.

Kupacide is easily diluted in cold water and is non-staining and non-tainting.

Dosage and administration

Dilution and application

  • For routine disinfection 1:400parts water
  • For aerial/fogging disinfection use one liter of diluted solution per cubic meter at 1:150 parts of water.
  • For wheel and foot dips dilute at 1:100 parts of water and replace every two weeks
  • For water sanitization 1:3000 parts water and use continuously e.g. for drinking water for chicks (10ml for 30 Ltrs of water)