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Diamond V XPC

Diamond V XPC, nutritional metabolites, fermentation

It is a feed ingredient containing nutritional metabolites created through an exclusive fermentation process which ensures the preservation of yeast factors, B-vitamins and other nutritional fermentation products. It is designed for further manufacture of nutritionally balanced feeds for poultry.

Diamond V helps stimulate production of both fibre digesting and lactic acid utilizing bacteria by providing essential metabolites which enhances bacterial reproduction and fermenting ability. This in turn helps to enhance volatile fatty acid (VFA) production and energy availability for health and production hence a better return on feed investment.

What are the key benefits?





Lower mortality

Lower mortality

Lower mortality

Decreased embryonic deaths

Average Daily Gain

Quicker production response

Average Daily weight gain enhanced (It increases carcass and breast weight by 6% and 5.4% )

Increased hatchability

Sustained production response following molt

Better Viability/ Healthier birds

Increased chick viability

Stronger and cleaner egg shell (ca, P, B, K, Mg and Mn present in the feed)

Uniformity in bird size, carcass weight and parts yields

It eliminate wet feaces and excess ammonia in poultry droppings resulting into a more hygienic environment for the chicken

Better feed conversion (1.7)/ more cost effective

Better feed conversion (through enhanced dietary utilization of gross energy)

Better egg size (Increases albumen weight, yolk weight and shell thickness in layers)


Proven Benefits of Diamond V XPC in poultry:

1. Enhanced immunity

Sufficient scientific research has proven that Diamond V XPC can influence the innate immune system (animal first line of defence) and provide the necessary support in acquiring immune system to maintain normal level of production during stress.


2. Healthy gut Morphology

Diamond V XPC has been shown to improve gut morphology by helping the animal’s immune system stay in balance, promoting natural level of intestinal mircobiota, and maintaining normal health during stress. This can be shown by an increase in villi development in poultry gut fed diamond V XPC.


3. Balanced gut Microbiota

Diamond v XPC promotes natural balance of intestinal bacteria crucial for over-role animal performance Feed cost is a major component in poultry production contributing over 70% of the total production cost. Enhanced feed efficiency translates to profitability in poultry production.


What is the target-feeding rate?
Original XPC is the most concentrated, lowest inclusion form of Diamond V’s Original line of products.

The recommended feeding rates are:

Broilers/Turkeys Feeds

  • Starter – 1.25Kg/MT
  • Grower/Finisher – 0.62Kg/MT

Layer/Breeder Feeds

  • Pullet Starter – 1.5Kg/MT
  • Pullet Grower – 1Kg/MT
  • Lay Cycle/Breeder – 0.75Kg/MT
Diamond V Inclusion Rate For Small Scale Poultry Farmer

Feed Type

Diamond V Inclusion rate in 70Kg  Bag (Table spoons)

Diamond V Inclusion Rate in 50Kg Bag (Table spoons)

Broiler Starter Mash



Broiler finisher Mash



Chick Mash



Growers Mash



Layers Mash



Dairy Meal





  • 400gm
  • 1.25kg
  • 25kg