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Enhanced root development and increased crop yield

Afrikelp is a plant growth stimulant, and soil improver with natural nutrients that enhances root development, increases number of flowers, reduces flower & fruit drop and increases size of fruits leading to overall increased crop yields. 

Benefits at a glance

  • —Enhances germination through seed treatment and guarantees optimal plant population.
  • —Increases root development, absorption and higher efficiency in the use of nutrients and ground water
  • —Increased growth rate will result in better crop establishment, many greener leaves, more branches, and more bearing points
  • —Afrikelp will also make the plant retain leaves for a longer period, reduce flower/fruit drop and increase fruit size
  • —More resources for the plant to survive in stressful conditions, higher resistance to disease and pests e.g. nematodes
  • —Prolongs the shelf life of the produce e.g. Tomatoes, French beans and other vegetables
  • —Increases yield quality and quantity
  • High Farm profitability

Application rates:

  • Foliar application - 20ml to 20l
  • Soil Drenching - 40ml to 20l