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Effectively controls spider mites

ROMECTIN is highly translaminer and has excellent performance on mites and leaf miners on flowers and vegetables.

ROMECTIN activates arthropod species such as mites by stimulating the pre synaptic release of the inhibitory neurotransmitter, gamma-amino butyric acid (GA-BA) binding to the post synaptic receptors. Due to its unique chemistry and mode of action, cross resistance to other pesticides is highly unlikely.

ROMECTIN is a high potency product with low application rates meaning less chemical load is added to the environment.


Romectin is primarily an ingestion toxicant with some contact action. It disrupts the nervous physiology of the pests by blocking nerve signal, quickly paralyzing  the target pests thus stopping them from moving, feeding and damaging the crop further. Death follows within 3-4 days. The pest paralysis upon exposure gives immediate control despite the longer time taken to kill.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE (Target Pests and Applications)





Spider mites and leafminers



Leaf miners


*For 20L knapsack sprayer use 6ml romectin

  • ROMECTIN can be applied by spray method with equipment commonly used in horticulture. Half fill the spray tank with clean water; shake the product before pouring the necessary quantity of ROMECTIN and stir, then top up with water.
  • If the product in the pack is all used up, thoroughly rinse the container for product residues; add the rinsed water to the spray mixture.
  • Application should be done with first signs of infestation by mites and leaf miners.
  • Thorough wetting of the crop must be ensured.