In the year 2009, CKL carried out a research that revealed that one of the greatest fears of our farmers was climate change and the resultant unpredictable weather patterns.

The need to stem this tide was greater than ever as Kenya faced started feeling the bite of environmental degradation (drought, famines etc). In as much as the farmers were aware that reforestation would provide a means of changing these fortunes, they had a challenge in accessing the right and quality seedlings and especially indigenous species.

In response to these findings CKL started the Eco Care Program that will see the Company plant over 5,000,000 seedlings across the country. The programme entails establishing and managing of a nursery with a sole purpose of generating suitable seedlings that are then distributed to farmers. The CKL Staff are involved in taking care of these trees and every Thursday for one hour they tend to the nursery.

The Eco care program has a countrywide scope and so far we have touched over 80% of the 47 counties where our landscape transformation program has worked with public and private land in the highlands and lowlands arid and semi-arid areas.