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How to get rid of Fall Army Worm

Protect your crops form Army worms using Jackpot and Imaxi.

How to use:

  1. Tank mix JACKPOT (12.5ml) and IMAXI (12.5ml) to 20 ltr of water
  2. Imaxi is for early protection against attack since it is a SYSTEMATIC insecticide and Jackpot is for killing attacking worms since it is a CONTACT insecticide.
  3. Spray at week 1 & 2.
  4. Repeat spray at week 3 & 4 (knee high for maize)
  5. Spray again at week 5 & 6


  • Add AFRIKELP at 20ml per 20l to help the plant in the plant in recovery/regrowth and handling stress
  • Spray the plant from the tip going downloads
  • Ensure to do a spot spray of individual plants to ensure good coverage and penetration of the spray mix where leaves cluster.
  • When spraying Jackpot alone use 15ml per 20ltr of water
  • Regular scouting is important to make sure to spot the pest and respond in time.
  • Spray early morning or in the cool evening hours.