My plants are not growing as fast as they should Drench Afrikelp to enhance root development
My seedling are dying at nursery level Spray Milor to control dumping off
My fruit trees are developing black color on the leaves Spray Imaxi to control scales and mealy bugs
Falling flowers and small fruits Spray Rodazim to control anthracnose and botrytis
Young seedling dying immediately after transplanting Drench Rodazim to control soil diseases
Seedlings are cut at the base during the night Spray Jackpot in late afternoon hours
Having problem with termites Use metro to treat buildings, fencing post, timber and termite nests.
Having problem with couch grass (weeds) Spray Rophosate when weeds are green
Have problem with soil pest in the nursery Spray Bamako to control soil pest and early sucking pest
Problem with white flies Spray Jackpot and Imaxi alternatively every week
Problem with spider mites and leaf miners Spray Romectin