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METRO 200SC, Termiticide, Termites control, Insecticides

METRO 200SC is an insecticide recommended for the treatment of soil for control of subterranean termites


Active ingredient- Imidacloprid 200g/l



Application Instructions


125ml/100L Water

Trench  Treatment:
For foundations, service trenches etc Apply mixture at a rate of 5L/M Linear. Ensure thorough application along the sides of the foundation walls. Trenches that accommodate sewers, water pipes and electric cables that enter the building must be treated for their full length inside the building.

Treatment of existing colonies

10ml/5L Water/nest

Active nest within 50M of structures perimeter (or boundaries) should be treated.
Termite mounds: Remove the top of the mound with a space or small hoe. Pour 5L of the mixture into the Termite nest.

Timber,Post and Wooden fences

125ml/100L Water

Apply 0.25L of this mixture per square meter using the following two techniques. Preventive: Apply the mixture by either dipping or brushing the building material throroughly.
Curative: Use a coarse droplet to evenly coat the infested wooden or bamboo fixture

Forestry and Tree Nursery


Apply as soil drench in the nursery bed or tree around the base of the tree


  • METRO is a termicide that offers a quick, long term and complete solution to termite infestation.
  • METRO is a non-repellent termicide and hence cannot be detected. Depending on the level of exposure, the termites die within minutes.
  • METRO stops termites that don”t die immediately from grooming and caring for other members of the colony, soil-borne diseases spread, and high mortality follows within days.
  • METRO bonds tightly to the soil, which ensures that the product will be available years after application.
  • METRO is odorless and colorless. No chemical stains or smell, hence cannot be detected by termites.