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Imizol is a clear, sterile, aqueous solution for the treatment and prevention of Babesiosis in cattle, sheep, horses and dogs, Anaplasmosis in cattle and Ehrlichiosis in dogs.

Each 1ml of Imizol contains 120mg Imidocarb dipropionate.


  • Imidocarb dipropionate is highly active against infections caused by large and small forms of Babesia in cattle, sheep, goats, horses/donkeys, mules & dogs, against Anaplasma in cattle and Ehrlichia canis in dogs.
  • The prolonged action of Imidocarb dipropionate exerts a prophylactic effect against babesia infections for up to 6 weeks.

Dosage and administration

A. Treatment of Babesiosis (Babesia divergens, B.caballi, B.bovis, B.bigemina, B.equi, B.ovis, B.canis)

  • Cattle & Sheep – 1.0ml per 100kg body weight.
  • Dogs – 0.25ml per 10kg bodyweight.
  • Horses, donkeys, mules – 2.0ml per 100kg bodyweight.

B. Treatment  of  Anaplasmosis  &  mixed  infections  due  to Anaplasma & Babesia

  • Cattle – 2.5ml per 100kg bodyweight. An established immunity to Anaplasmosis not affected by dosage with Imizol.

C. Treatment of Ehrlichiosis & mixed infections due to Babesia & Ehrlichia

  • Dogs – 0.5ml per 10kg bodyweight. Administer 2 doses at 14 days interval.

D. Prophylaxis of Babesiosis in cattle, horses, dogs

  • Cattle – 2.5ml per 100kg bodyweight. A single dose will prevent Babesiosis for 4 weeks depending on the severity of the challenge and species involved.
  • Dogs – 0.5ml per 10kg bodyweight.
  • Horses, donkeys, mules – 2.0ml per 10kg bodyweight.

Route of administration
The administration is strictly through Subcutaneous or intramuscular routes.


  • Do not administer by the intravenous route.
  • Side effects of a cholinergic nature may occur occasionally. These are transient and need not cause alarm. If excessive, treat with Atropine sulphate.

Withdrawal periods

  • Meat: 28 days
  • Milk: 3 days


  • Store between 2°C and 25°C, protected from light.
  • Do not freeze.


Imizol is available in packs of 10Ml.