CKL has partnered with CRV BV, an international enterprise in the field of cattle improvement, to bring you the latest technology in genetic improvement. Among the new technologies is the supply of sexed semen, prefixed SiryX, for faster genetic improvement of your herd. CRV also brings you Insire, a collection of genetic selected young proven sires. Genomic Selection assures that the farmer gets the most desired traits from relatively young bulls which do not have to go the entire proofing system involved in daughter testing, but rather by taking advantage of genetic markers which with time, have been increasing in numbers thereby adding to their reliability in proofing young sires. Visit CRV global website
CKL has partnered with Diamond V as the sole distributor of their range of products in the East African region to bring you the latest innovation in microbial-based fermentation technologies. Diamond V connects unique competence with specie specific expertise and world class research to create profitable solutions for customer around the world; the result is a range of all natural products that improve animal nutrition, health and performance. Visit Diamond V Website
In CKL’s effort to diversify and meets its corporate goal of making Africa to be a global leader in food production, it partnered with Rotam to be its sole distributor in Kenya and Rwanda. Currently CKL has a range of insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and seed treatment products Rotam crop sciences Ltd is a fast-growing international organization operating in crop protection, public health and veterinary sectors. It has a world presence with direct operations in over 60 countries. Visit Rotam Website
Afrikelp Pty Ltd is a South African company that deals with extraction, packing and distribution of AfriKelp to many countries in the world. AfriKelp is a growth regulator and Biostimulant that’s organic and help plants to grow faster and use nutrients and water in the soil to give higher yields. AfriKelp is extracted from sea weed Ecklonia maxima. In Kenya AfriKelp is distributed by CKL and its used in vegetables, flowers, fruit trees and cereals Visit Afrikelp Website